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GCSE Geography Revision Topics:

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Complete a revision audit. This means listing everything covered in your syllabus then deciding how much you remember about it. This will give you an idea of what areas you need to focus on. You can get a copy of a revision audit (based on the Geography NEAB Syllabus A) from here. Ask your teacher for a syllabus outline to help you.

Once you have identified areas of weakness you need to start revising them.

There are a list of pages down the left hand side of this page containing revision notes on the main topics in geography.

There is a range of techniques available to gather information for revision. Here are a few examples:

Revision Cards

1. Make notes on an area of study. This could involve highlighting information in a revision book or writing information out. Grade C+ students avoid copying huge chunks of text. They read the information - then summarise it.

2. Once you have gathered notes summarise your notes on revision cards - blank postcards or post-it notes are good for this. You can then stick them all around your bedroom, toilet, bathroom etc! Click here to see an example of a revision card.

3. Read your cards through regularly. Once you're confident about knowing the information write key words about the topic on a card. Then revise from these. As your knowledge base builds up you will need fewer prompts to remember information.

Mind Maps

A mind map is a spider diagram that contains information in the form of pictures and text. Mind maps can be used to plot information relevant to the different topics in geography.

To find out more on mind mappping click here.


Tectonics - Exam questions (and mark scheme)

Glaciation - Exam questions (and mark scheme)

Natural Hazards - Multiple Choice

Farming - Multiple Choice

Glaciation - Multiple Choice

Landuse - Crossword

Landuse - Multiple Choice

Limestone 1 - Multiple Choice

Limestone 2 - Multiple Choice

Migration - Multiple Choice

Migration - Match the sentences

Rivers - Multiple Choice

Urban - Multiple Choice


Tectonics - Exam questions (and mark scheme)

Glaciation - Exam questions (and mark scheme)

[ Revision
1 2 3 booklet
(MS Word 97 - Size - 192kb)
An extensive revision booklet based mainly on the NEAB GCSE Geography Syllabus A - However, it contains many elements found in other courses. The booklet contains all of the information contained in the revision topic section found in the left margin

Check your knowledge of key topics with these downloadable gap-fill exercise

Tectonics Gap Fill
(MS Word 97 - Size - 22kb)
Glaciation Gap Fill
(MS Word 97 - Size - 21kb)
Tropical Rainforest Gap Fill
(MS Word 97 - Size - 74kb)
Tropical Storm Gap Fill
(MS Word 97 - Size - 77kb)

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Freeserve Revision
An excellent set of resources to help with revision. Lots of gap fill exercises and exam questions that can be completed off-line then marked online

A superb revision site containing lots of revision notes. Many of the pages contain flash animations. There are also lots of practice exam questions.

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