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Web Enquiry - Planning a tour of England

Stimulus - Holidays in England

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Your task


You are going to plan a holiday for 20 American holiday makers. They are going to stay for 5 days. The will land at Heathrow Airport (London) on Monday morning. They will go back to the USA on Friday night. Follow the steps below to produce your plan. You need a copy of the planning sheet from your teacher. Copies of this sheet are available in MS Word 97 format here.

Stage 1

  1. Using a pencil, plan out your route on the map. Make sure you start and end your route at Heathrow Airport. Label each line to show the day number.

Stage 2

  • For each day complete the sentence to show the journey e.g. Day 1 - Travel from Heathrow to Cambridge.
  • Using the scale line on the map. work out the distance between each location

Using the links to web pages below, describe the main features of each place the holiday makers will visit. Try to identify the main human and natural attractions of each place you visit.

Using a desk top publishing package put together a poster to advertise the tour you have planned. You should include a map, photographs of the destinations and an outline of the main features of the tour.


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