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Volcanoes Web Investigation - What is a real volcano like?

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Stimulus - What is a real volcano like?


Copyright J. Alean
  • Are all volcanoes the same?
  • Is this an active, extinct or dormant volcano?
  • What problems might an eruption like this cause?
  • What benefits do volcanoes bring?

The Big Enquiry Question

What is a real volcano like?

Purpose of the enquiry

The purpose of the enquiry is:
  • To ask geographical questions
  • To collect, record and present evidence
  • To select and use secondary sources of evidence, e.g. photographs and IT
  • To make decisions about appropriate clothing/equipment for the visit
  • To identify the main geographical features of a real volcano and assess its potential dangers

Task or outcome expected

You are based in Rome working for the Italian Tourist Board. Using the Internet you are going to carry out a 'virtual' field visit of the volcano - Stromboli. The purpose of the visit is to gather relevant information to produce an A4-size brochure of Stromboli's geographical features for tourists who visit the volcano or a web page for the same purpose. Your brochure/web page must also include information of the potential dangers that the tourists will need to be warned about and suggest contents for rucksacks at different times of the year.

The Task

Stage 1: Preparation

  1. Use an atlas to find the location of Stromboli. Write a description of its location.
  2. n pairs or small groups note down some questions which tourists might want answering about the volcano - here are a few to get you going:
  • What is the climate like?
  • How high is the volcano?
  • What is the relief (shape of the land) like?
  • What hazards does the volcano pose?
Also, think about: settlements/eruption evidence/vegetation/other human features/history

Stage 2: Virtual Field Trip

  1. Go to the following web site: Stromboli Online (It will open in a new window)
  2. At each station gather important information by cutting and pasting into a word-processing or desktop publishing document. You can also download and save useful images, e.g. maps and field-sketch photographs.
  3. Sign the 'summit guest book' to receive an email in return.
  4. Look around the Stromboli web site and collect any other information which you think is important. Here's a link to the Stromboli online web site: http://www.educeth.ch/stromboli/

Think carefully about your brochure outline. Use other brochures to get ideas of how to set out your work

Your brochure should include:

  • Information about Stromboli's geographical features and location for tourists
  • An evaluation of rucksack contents, identifying good and poor choices and different choices for another time of year
  • Any other information you feel is relevant (read your preparation notes).


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