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A-Level Geography

Bald Eagle GeoResources A great A-Level section



Engineering Triumphs -
The Trans Alaska Oil Pipeline

Exxon-Valdez Oil Spill  


Virtual Antarctica  


Virtual Bangladesh


Brazil Encarta article on Brazil
An excellent resource about all aspects of Brazil
Brazillian Embassy - UK - Brazil in the secondary school A superb resource designed to help teachers planning their programmes for Key Stage 3 and for GCSE and for Scottish Standard Grade examinations. All sections have a Word format version that can be downloaded by clicking the "Associated Files" button on the right. Ideal for students completing research into Brazil. There are 13 different topics covering on the site.
Brazil (CIA World Fact book) - Brazil's vital statistics
Brazil Flags World Flag Database
Brazil information  
Brazil - Info Please The learning Network provided by info please presents encyclopedia information about Brazil.
Eye on Brazil A superb resources about Brazil on the Global Eye Web Site - Aimed at Pirmary level - but a good introduction for all!


Canada Centre for Remote Sensing  
Canadian Association of Geographers  
Canadian Communities Atlas  
Canadian Forest Service  
Canadian Ice Service  
Canadian Information by Subject National Library of Canada
Canadian Soil Information System  
Environmental Systems Research Institute GIS Schools and Library Program (Canada)
Geological Survey of Canada Geomatics Canada GeoSources (Canadian Council for Geographic Education)
Great Lakes St. Lawrence Seaway System  
Historical Atlas of Canada  
National Atlas of Canada Online  
National Earthquake Hazards Programme  
Parks Canada  
Statistics Canada  

Coasts and Coastal Erosion

Anglia Campus - Coastal Landform This is a excellent all round site about coastal landforms.
Cliff erosion at the Holderness Coast  
Coastal erosion resources  
Coastal landforms  
Coastal processes An excellent site about coastal erosion and landforms.
Coastal zone management  
Coasts revision vocabulary  
East Yorkshire Coast - Geology and Geomorphology  
Erosion of the Holderness Coast  
Formation of a bays and headlands An excellent page with lots of animations
Formation of a cliff and a wave-cut platform An excellent page with lots of animations
Formation of stacks arches and stumps  
Holderness Coast Project Sea defences  
Spurn Head A video about Spurn


Countries Infoplease
Country listings CIA World Fact Book
CIA world fact book Contains information and statistics on every country in the world!
Icelandic Tourist Board Web Site An excellent site covering many aspects of one of Europe's most beautiful countries!
India Links  
Lonely Planet Contains information about every country in the world (well almost!!)
Virtual World and city tours  



A straight forward site covering the main aspects of desertification (text heavy)
Desertification A page by the Canadian International Development Information Centre
Desertification Lesson Plans A range of lessons plans and resources covering desertification.
Mr. dowling's Electronic Passport - Deserts and the Sahel  
Population Reference Bureau Africa's Struggle With Desertification
The Environment - A Global Challenge A c omprehensive site on the environment. With 400 articles and 811 pages, the site covers every aspect of the environment and provides many interactive features. Take a look at the desertification page
The United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification

A web site covering a wide range of issues relating to desertification by The United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification. There are a range of fact sheets on this site:

The causes of desertification
The Consequences of desertification




Economic Geography

UK National Statistics  
The Pacific Rim  
The Welsh Development Authority  
The Welsh Development Authority - Investors in Wales - Lucky Goldstar  


General Ecosystems Sites
Map and links to biome pages
Ecosystems BBC Bitesize Revision
Ecosystems A comprehensive site covering all the world's major ecosystems
The Evergreen Project - Biomes of the world An excellent web site containing a huge range of resources - TOP SITE!
Sustainability 2000  
What is an ecosystem? BBC Bitesize Revision
World ecosystems BBC Bitesize Revision
World ecosystem map NASA
Arid areas/Deserts
Deserts A detailed description of deserts
Deserts - Links A page containing lots of links to sites related to Deserts.
The Desert Biome  
The Evergreen Project - Deserts An excellent web site containing a huge range of resources about the desert biome
Equatorial/Tropical Rainforest
Amazon Interactive  
Deforestation in the Amazon  
Help with rainforest reports Probably the best rainforest portal on the internet. You will probably find EVERYTHING you need on this site.

Jungle Photos

Lots of images of the Amazon Rainforest - photographs, satellite images etc.

The Evergreen Project - Rainforests An excellent web site containing a huge range of resources about the rainforest biome
Play with a tree frog in South America  
Rainforest alliance A very good rainforest site.
Rainforest Action Network A range of resources related to the rainforest. Check out the Kids' Corner!
Rainforest Links Lot's of links to web sites about tropical rainforests
Rainforest Web World Rainforest Portal
Science in the Rainforest Take a walk in the Rainforest
Science in the Rainforest Tropical Rainforest Animals
The Causes of Tropical Deforestation  
The causes of rainforest destruction A very detailed page covering the causes of rainforest destruction - well recommended. From the Rainforest Information Centre Educational Supplement
The Rainforest Kids action Questions and answers
The Evergreen Project - Grasslands An excellent web site containing a huge range of resources about the grassland (prairies) biome
The Evergreen Project - Taiga An excellent web site containing a huge range of resources about the taiga biome
NORTHERN CONIFEROUS FOREST BIOME Detailed information about the Taiga biome

Taiga - links

A page containing lots of links to sites related to Taiga
The Evergreen Project - Tundra An excellent web site containing a huge range of resources about the tundra biome
Tundra - links page containing lots of links to sites related to Tundra.
Tundra - The not-so barren land  
The Tundra Biome  


Energy Education California Energy Commission


Acid Rain  
Acid Rain  
Climate Problems - Acid Rain Many links to sites containing information about acid rain.
Environmental index - Links to pages with information about - Waste management and recycling transport air pollution global warming noise pollution ozone layer depletion water resources alternative and renewable energy resources acid rain
EPA Global Warming Site  
Friends of The Earth Homepage  
Forest for life Part of the WWF site (not the wrestling site!)
Greenpeace International  
Ozone layer  
Save our Earth  
Soil Erosion  
The Dust Bowl  
World Environmental Change BBC's Landmarks brings you information about world environmental change. The site includes information about Wetlands, Dry lands, Cities, The Sea and Forests


European Union  
European Union Homepage  



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