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Revision - Test Yourself - Glaciation - Foundation


2. Glaciation

A = Arete / pyramidal peak / horn
B = Ice / glacier /glacial tongue /ice fall / trough end

1 mark each


Level 1: 1- 2 marks
simple statements e.g. - a hollow fills with ice, the ice erodes a hollow.

Level 2: Clear 3 - 4 marks
Hollow fills with ice, references to the processes of erosion e.g plucking, freeze thaw and abrasion.


B. Corries are mostly found on north facing slopes in upland areas of Britain.

1 mark


Mountain biking
Hang gliding

1 mark per statement or similar statement(s) - total of 3 marks

(v) 2 methods explained for 2 marks


road tolls (1 mark) to discourage tourists (1 mark) or to reduce congestion (1 mark)

building footpaths (1 mark) to reduce erosion (1 mark)

total of 4 marks


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