Year 10 Geography @ Isaac Newton School
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Students opting for GCSE Geography in Year 10 follow the AQA Syllabus A. You can download an outline of this course from the AQA web site here. The units you will follow are listed below. All homework, revision sheets and resources will be posted on these pages along with an outline of each section of the course. You will study a total of six topics. These are Settlements, Ecosystems, Tectonic Activity, Coasts, Managing Resources and Industry. You will also complete a coursework project worth up to 25% of your final GCSE.

Unit 2 - Ecosystems - Coming Soon
Unit 3 - Tectonic Activity - Coming Soon
Unit 4 - Coasts - Coming Soon

Unit 5 - Coursework Menu

General Coursework Tips
Get general tips on how to complete your coursework investigation.

Fieldtrip Photographs

[Holderness Coast Fieldtrip photographs]
Click here to see photographs of the students involved in the 2001 Castleton fieldtrip

Get the low down on Castleton - A honey pot in the Peak District in the GeoTopics section of GeoNet

Virtual Tour of Castleton
Take a virtual tour of Castleton. Follow the route you took on the day and look at photographs of the main features you saw. You can also use these pictures if you want to make additional field sketches etc.


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